Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Word Counter Tool For SEO – Find Your Ideal Content Length

What is this tool?

We’ve built this tool for SEO’s to easily copy/paste in competitor blog urls. Before creating new content for yourself or your clients it’s important to know what the word count is for the content that is ranking for your ideal keyword.

This tool allows you to paste in up to 10 URLs at a time to get the word count of content on the page. We’ve also included an average word count so you can get an idea of what length your article should be in order to compete.


How do I use this?

We recommend you first search Google for the keyword you want to rank for and copy the first-page search results. Then paste the URL’s into the input box below and submit. You’ll get the content word count (excluding things like headers, footers, and javascript), along with an average word count so you can get an idea of the ideal length of your piece of content.

Brandyn Morelli

B2B / SaaS Growth Marketer specializing in the technology space. I have an unhealthy obsession with data & analytics.