Wednesday, December 1, 2021

How a Supply Chain Startup Combined Paid Ads with SEO to Create Demand for their Data Insights Platform


Our client came to us with the goal of generating leads and demo requests through an omnichannel marketing strategy that combined organic and paid campaigns.

As a new solution in the market, they wanted to gain more exposure with their target audience, and build interest through educational content. The main goal was to drive leads through white-papers downloads, and requests for demos through their homepage.


After completing an initial B2B SaaS marketing audit, we uncovered the following opportunities that we felt could bring in early wins for our client.

#1: High-Intent PPC Campaign  – We analyzed our client’s competitors, and built out a Google Search campaign around their competitor’s best keywords. We were able to layer this campaign with specific audience targeting to searchers in-market for new software to drive the most relevant clicks & conversions.

ppc keywords

#2: Monopoly SEM – In our Monopoly SEM strategy, our goal was to look at their main keywords (eg. demand planning software), and identify opportunities to rank both a key page on their site, as well as conduct outreach to get listed on 3rd party directories and article lists.

In this screenshot below, you’ll see that although we can attempt to rank a single page on Page 1 of Google, out of 8 results showing, 5 of those are 3rd party lists. Getting listed on these 5 pages + ranking a page on the client’s side brings us 6 different opportunities to bring in new visitors that we can convert into leads.



#3: Social Ad LeadFlow –  For Social Ad LeadFlow, we focused on two primary channels – LinkedIn & Facebook/Instagram.

We built out a lead generation funnel for our client to drive their ideal customer to high value content such as a case study, webinar, or timely report. We then retargeted those visitors on less expensive channels (Facebook, Google Display) to move them further down funnel and request a demo of the platform.




  1. 1st Page Ranking for their primary keyword “demand planning software”
  2. They were able to generate high-quality leads leads on LinkedIn & Facebook @ $60-$80 each.
  3.  Using high-intent PPC Campaigns, they were able to capture demo requests for under $100.
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