Wednesday, August 14, 2019

How We Generated 79 General Contractor Quotes in 90 Days with Facebook Ads


A full-service design & build construction company contacted us to help them generate more leads for their new service line, a high-quality floor coating for garages & patios.

They came to us with the goal of getting more people to request estimates on their website, complimenting their existing marketing efforts (conventions, mailers, events, etc.). After sitting with their marketing manager to talk about their company, service, and goals we recommended creating a Social Ads campaign on Facebook to target their ideal audience.

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Our Plan

As with every Facebook Ads campaign, testing is king. We started our campaign testing out 3 variations of ad creative, 3 variations of ad copy, and 3 audiences. This gave us 18 different ads to test with. We front-load these tests to quickly find out the perfect combination of audience, message, and visuals that will entice our audience to click the ad and request a quote.

Working with the client to understand their current business metrics we were are able to define our KPI’s that would measure the success of the campaign. The KPI’s for this campaign were:

What is the lifetime value of the customer (CLTV)?

In this case, the average customer would only purchase their service one time. So whatever the purchase price of the service was, it became the customer’s lifetime value.

What is the customer acquisition cost (CAC)?

How much does it acquire a new customer? The quick math on this is to take your total marketing spend and divide by how many customers you acquired.

What is the maximum amount we want to pay for a quote request (Max CPA)?

There is no formula to choose a Max CPA, and it is fully dependent upon what the goals for the campaign are. Some clients are willing to have a higher max CPA in order to attract more leads, while other clients want to keep their Max CPA low to maximize their profit margin per customer.

As a general rule, you want to keep your Max CPA for any campaign below the profit per customer.

If you’re selling your service for $1,000, and you have a 50% gross profit margin, your max CPA should be less than $500 since a $500 Max CPA would be break-even. If your max CPA is $300 on the other hand, wouldn’t you want to spend $300 as many times over if you received $500 each time?

Keeping your goals clear & measurable is critical to understanding how things are going, and what needs to be optimized.

An example of one of our campaign funnels

Concrete Coatings Facebook Funnel

We kept our marketing funnel fairly simple. A user sees a direct response ad on Facebook and when they click on it they’re brought to a landing page that promotes their concrete coatings service. There’s an embedded form on the landing page that asks the visitor to enter in their details to request a quote for service.


With our concrete coatings campaign, we were able to see positive results within the first 30 days. You can see a summary of them below:

  1. Leads Generated: 79
  2. Cost Per Quote Request (CPA): $14.66
  3. Return on Ad Spend: 17.23x !!!

As with all campaigns, the key to success is constant iteration. Although we found a winning combination early on, we continue to test new ad creative, sales copy, and audience targeting to drive more leads at a profitable ROAS.


If you’re struggling to generate new leads for your business and want to put fuel into your existing marketing efforts, schedule a call with us.

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